Quick blog to follow up about Data Capture Phase

How does data enter the environment?

Data enter into environment through 3 main ways:

  1. End user generated.  This is where people, end users of technology, enter the data into an enterprise application and/or  an enterprise digital storage.  Some examples:
    • Email
    • SMS
    • PDFs
    • Virtual Data Room Exchange e.g. Dropbox, Intralinks
    • Office files: spreadsheets, presentations, word documents
  2. Machine derived.  This is where machine is creating new data and writing new data into an enterprise application/digital storage.  Some examples:
    • Machine Learning /AI
    • Event Monitoring
    • Logs
    • Internet of Things
  3. Acquired or purchases.  This is where an business enterprise acquire or buy data that is then stored in their digital storage environment.  Some examples:
    • Studies
    • Researches
    • Ratings
    • Bloomberg, Moody’s, etc…

Data entering the environment must be analyzed, monitored, governed so that they can be be of value to the business, in compliance with regulatory requirements, and managed through an efficient data lifecycle management process.

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Juliana Carroll is a problem solver, strategic thinker with 15+ years of Fortune 500 consulting experience delivering measurable results that align with both business competitive requirements and regulatory compliance.

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